Laton's North Carolina Cairn Puppies

Cairn terrier puppies for sale

Laton's Gidget - Female - pick of many liters from Sophie and Bogart. It's up to you now girl

Gidget as a puppy

"Gidget" ...was Formerly known as "Prancer". She is the daughter of Sophia and Bo. she has skipped the last two seasons because she has a crush on the mutt down the road and refused to breed with a Handsome champion blood-line male Cairn :(

Laton's Sophia - Female - Sophie is retired and will be Grumpy Granny only from now own

Sophia as a puppy 

Please enjoy video  "Sophie my Brown eyed girl"  also includes Ronnie, Bogart and Gidget  (Gidget is one of the puppies at the end)

Laton's Bogart - Stud - Retired to the coast with a wonderful young family including kids to play with. We miss him very much but he has earned it.....Semper Fi Bobo

Bo as a puppy

see Bo Bo jump video...


Laton's Ronnie Van Zant - Stud - Gone but not forgotten ~ RIP RonDawg

Ronnie as a puppy