Laton's North Carolina Cairn Puppies

Cairn terrier puppies for sale


When you buy a puppy at Laton's Cairn pups, you are not only paying for a dog, you are also paying for the quality care that we give these puppies. At Laton's Cairn pups, our puppies are treated like a member of the family. They are given the best health care. We work with our puppies to give them a head start on being a well behaved dog. At six weeks they are well on their way to being paper trained, and they already look you in the eyes when you are talking to them. They are extremely smart and are given every opportunity to develop their own unique personality. They are allowed to roam the house and explore, given the experience of playing outside, so when you take your new puppy home, they are not shocked by the real world. Sure, you will see other Cairn pups for less money, but I urge you to make a visit to our pups, and theirs, and you will see the difference in the puppies and the environment. Thank you for your interest :)


current price (August 2022)

$1,500 each

please verify price may change from litter to litter